Before Y2K, There Were Millennials.

I am a millennial. That sentence used to be very off-putting, like a pre-conceived stain on my existence. As a matter of fact, the Pew Research Center (an American info tank) claims the majority of us born in that early 80s to late 90s range found it off-putting and denied that label, trying to glom onto the … Continue reading Before Y2K, There Were Millennials.


2017: Taking the Good with the Bad.

As the massive opposition and controversy against Donald Trump—so what else is new?—bubbles across America after his inauguration into (what is now arguably) the highest office in the land, there is still a smorgasbord of rants that can be written about Trump. [Side note: the title “President Trump” feels a bit like rancid bile on … Continue reading 2017: Taking the Good with the Bad.