ESSENCE: UVic Environmental Periodical (2012)

ESSENCE: The University of Victoria Environmental Studies Student Association Periodical

Volume 4–Issue 2–Winter, 2012

Rabbit Reminders (pg. 4)

At the University of Victoria, rabbits can no longer be seen frolicking in the grass. Campus grounds are decorated with busy students and tall trees, as ghosts of bygone bunnies haunt the school. According to a UVIC news release, over 800 rabbits were shipped to various sanctuaries, notably in Texas and in Coombs, BC. All these rabbits were removed by permit holders by March, 2011. Any hoppers left on school lawns after that point were to be trapped and euthanized to prevent any further overpopulation of rabbits at UVIC.

But is it euthanasia?

Dave Shishkoff, the Canadian correspondent for Friends of Animals, believes in knowing the distinction between euthanasia and just plain killing, as “humane” as it might be. He delves into the core of UVIC’s final decision to eliminate the school’s rabbit population…

Full article: ESSENCE – Rabbit Reminders (page 4)


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